One Move To Relieve Sciatica

By MD. Joseph SEP 13, 2023
in Harvard Medical School

How Does Sciatica Happen?

What's causing you that red hot fire to go through your entire back, and even travel down the legs and buttocks? And what's the root cause of lower back pain, hip pain, thigh pain, calf pain and even foot pain?

The Answer is Sciatica. As you may know, the biggest nerve in the human body is the Sciatic nerve. It starts in the lower back and runs down the back of each leg. This nerve controls the muscles of the thigh, leg and foot.

Now imagine that every single day when we sit for prolonged periods, the deep muscles surrounding your lower back weaken and over time become inactive. Now all the pressure that should be handled by your muscles is handled by the spinal discs. And the nerve that gets pinched most of the time is the Sciatic nerve.

Since 2022, Dr. Adam has been researching everything there is to know about Sciatica. "We've dedicated our careers to focusing on how to fix Sciatica, and how it makes you literally a prisoner of your own body."

Dr. Adam Collaborates With GuruLumbar

One day Dr. Adam came across something that can change lives forever. It's a startup known as GuruLumbar. They specialize in developing products that use the patented double compression zone technology. Dr. Adam shared his background and credentials with them. And they really needed a doctor that would add medical expertise to their scientific knowledge.

13 months, 26 prototypes and 30 clinical trials later, they finally invented a solution that targets the true root case of Sciatica, by mimicking the iliacus muscle while boosting the blood flow to the lower back area and decompressiong the spine. It's called the GuruLumbar Belt, and they just got it FDA approve at the end of 2022.

How Does GuruLumbar Belt Work?

The secret is the patented double compression zone technology. This mimics the iliacus muscle and provides stability to the spine even while sitting, relieving the pressure from the sciatic nerve and providing instant relief from pain.

The GuruLumbar Belt also applies targeted medical compression on the hip area, which promotes nutrient rich blood-flow to the affected area, helping to lubricate the joints while triggering the body's self-healing mechanism.

This breakthrough combination results in instant relief from sciatica, lower back pain, hip pain, and SI Joint pain. With consistent use, the damage is reversed, providing long-lasting relief from pain.

What Our Customers Say

"I could barely walk after throwing out my back. I had chronic issues for years. After putting the belt on I was literally able to walk all day at a festival and had no pain. I wear this daily now."
‒ Carrie Bradley

"I just love mine, been wearing it for one month every day, I had gone to a chiropractor, acupuncture, for my sciatica, and no relieve, until my belt came! It's blessing!"
‒ Kirk Jones

"I received my belt on Friday. I put it on right away and I can tell the difference in my pain level has gone down. I wish I had ordered this belt sooner. I have been in pain from lower back and Sciatica over 2 month with 2 injection. Nothing has help in just 2 day of wearing this belt. I'm all most pain free!"
‒ Tania Hammer

"I'm a fat guy, suffering this numbling feeling on my leg for 6 months. But I'm not be able to fix my pain completely, but it definitely reduce my pain while I'm wearing this belt."
‒ Daniel Johnson

"very comfortable, good fit, does not slip. if you suffer from lower back pain or sciatica, this belt provides support and makes movement more comfortable. Surprising that something so simple can be so effective. I wear mine during gym sessions as well."
‒ Cristianoo Gore

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