Breakthrough Combination Of Orthopedic And Thermal

Wearing the GuruLumbar not only corrects the normal shape of the spine it also helps relieve lower back pain, sciatica, and hip pain with heat therapy that provides almost immediate relief.

Recommended and endorsed by chiropractors.

Relief from sciatica, lower back pain, SI Joint pain, and hip pain.

Helps avoid risky and dangerous surgery.

Saves time & money on inferior alternatives.

Heating Pad Acupoint Magnet Therapy

The heating pad combines the principles of traditional Chinese acupuncture with modern magnetic therapy technology.

The heating pad is embedded with deep-sea high-energy magnets that are positioned to correspond to specific acupoints on the back, aiming to alleviate back pain through the combined effect of magnetism and heat therapy.

For your better experience, the heating pad is a removable design.

Enhanced Dual Compression Belt Design

It is designed to support and elevate the waist while securely enclosing the abdomen, thereby enhancing lumbar support. The belt incorporates adjustable wraps with robust velcro fastenings, allowing for precise size customization. This ensures a snug, tailored fit that minimizes the risk of injury from strain, particularly during heavy lifting. This design effectively stabilizes the lower back, offering both protection and support in activities that require significant physical exertion.

Strong Support To Correct The Spine

The back support comes with five sturdy support bars that distribute the force on your lower back, reducing compression while providing support, compression and superior stabilization. Wearing it, you will immediately feel relief from pains such as scoliosis, herniated discs, sciatica and arthritis.

Wearing it for a long period of time can help you correct your deformed lumbar spine and stop the troubles caused by back diseases.

There is limited availability and this 70% DISCOUNT may be taken down at any moment!

How To Wear?

Unfold the belt and align the center support plate with the center of the waist.

Adjust the double adjustable bands to the size you feel comfortable with.

Wear 2-4 times a day for 1-2 hours each time, more often for severe symptoms.

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Real Customers

This brace is very lightweight and breathable, which is fantastic. However, it does provide a light support that I found to be beneficial when I was gardening and doing other tasks. The support is very strong, and I got more/stronger support in the lower back.


I have lumbar issues that will eventually need surgery, so I got this in hopes of putting that off as long as possible. For one, make sure to get accurate measurements before ordering. Its heating pad feature really helped me a lot, as that was very useful for my spine! I can clearly feel that my spine doesn't hurt as much!


This back support belt arrived the other day just in time for my husband’s yard work routine. It just gave him a better posture stance and support around his waist and lower back. After his afternoon of yard work he said the belt definitely helped and he had very little strain or pain in his lower back.

Sue P

It is very comfortable to wear and doesn’t get really sweaty (which is usually the case with these sort of belts) and didn’t interfere with my range of motion. It’s very easy to put on and doesn’t take up a lot of space in his drawer where he keeps his work gloves, hats and keep cool bandanas for his outside activities. This was a good purchase for a good price.


I like the dual strap on this brace, it lets you snug the belt up nicely. The back has plastic strips that offer even more support to keep things straight. You can pull the belt plenty tight to make it really uncomfortable though, this doesn't need to be that tight. If with it just snug it seemed to provide all the support I needed for minor back tension


The mesh on this support is extremely helpful and allows way more breathability of the product. I was in between sizes and decided to go down just in case, and found that it was actually a little too small. So if you are on the fence, make sure to order up instead of down.


The actual product is extremely well made and has some amazing Velcro. I can’t wear it more than a couple of hours at a time right now, but it certainly does offer a nice level of support, especially if I’m not doing something with a lot of bending. It’s a very nice product!

sumo king

I ordered the XL and it fits a waist up to 41 inches. My waist is 36 inches and it was a struggle to get them on, but they fit anyway. I really like the "adjustable strap" which provides extra support. Overall, it does the job. My recommendation would be to buy one size larger.


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