Experience Lifetime Benefits in Just 2 Weeks with Daily GuruLumbar Belt Wear

Using the power of targeted compression, the GuruLumbar Belt provides stability to the spine and boosts nutrient-rich blood flow to your lower back and hip area.

A Faster & More Effective Way to Treat Sciatica & Lower Back Pain

Wearing GuruLumbar triggers your body's self-healing mechanisms, helping to alleviate lower back pain, sciatica, and hip pain, with almost instant relief.

Recommended and endorsed by chiropractors.

Relief from sciatica, lower back pain, SI Joint pain, and hip pain.

Helps you get back to hiking, cycling and jogging pain-free.

Helps avoid risky and dangerous surgery.

Saves time & money on inferior alternatives.

How Does It Work?

The GuruLumbar Belt provides stability to the base of your spine and acts as an external ligament to help put the Sacroiliac Joint back into a normal range of motion.

At the same time, the double compression zone technology helps decompress the discs, and relieve the pressure from the sciatic nerve, thus relieving sciatica pain.

The GuruLumbar Belt also applies targeted medical compression on the hip area, which promotes nutrient rich blood-flow to the affected area, helping to lubricate the joints while triggering the body's self-healing mechanism.

This breakthrough combination results in instant relief from sciatica, lower back pain, hip pain, and SI Joint pain.

With consistent use, the damage is reversed, providing long-lasting relief from pain.

Heal Yourself Like Never Before

After 15 months of prototypes and over $210,000 in laboratory testing, we created the GuruLumbar Belt.

It's the only sciatica device on the market to use the breakthrough combination of: targeted medical compression, multifidus muscle stimulation, acupressure.

Targeting all three elements of sciatica & lower back pain was the secret sauce that has resulted in thousands of customers experiencing pain relief.

Patients suffering from back pain, sciatica, and SI joint dysfunction reported pain relief from day1.

Eliminated their sciatica after 2 weeks of consistent use (wearing the belt for 2 hours/day avg.)

Completely fixed their lower back pain after 2 weeks of consistent use. (wearing the belt for 2 hours/day avg.)

There is limited availability and this 70% DISCOUNT may be taken down at any moment!

Everyone Loves The GuruLumbar Belt

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Real Customers

It worked for me really well. I actually stopped and cancelled my chiro! Highly recommend this belt (back support)

Theresa M.

GuruLumbar belt is a miracle worker. I have been suffering from sciatica for a very long time until I ordered this miracle belt.

Pain relief and it works for me in 2 weeks. Now I'm living a happy life.

Greg S.

Been dealing with sciatica L4-L5 herniated disc. I tried this belt and it really helps me to atleast ease the pain, i use this when walking outside or even inside the house.

Dennis W.

II have been using it at work. It gives a better support on my back. Big difference now.

Christine L.

This belt surprise me !!! 👍🥰

It actualy helpt for my lower back and hip pain. Now I am painfree🙏 After 3 days my pains was gone ❤ I also have it on when I sleep. Love it !

Elisabeth G.

This product really helps my back I love it, it keeps my lower back stable while working out and doing other activities.

Jimmy W.

Bought this as having pain every time I sat down and tried to get up again, fantastic item and would highly recommend.

Gisella J.

Just today I wore the belt to work and all the pains gone ! Got back home and removed the belt and I felt little of the pains on my left leg again. I Put on the belt again and I got better. I guess I have to try to wear it for more days but I'm so happy this works , I can't believe it. 

Daniela S.

It does help support and it makes it a looot easier to bend and move without the shooting pain I normally have from my sciatic.

Richard S.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • + Will wearing the belt weaken my mucles?
  • + How tight should I wear the GuruLumbar Belt?
  • + Where do you wear the GuruLumbar Belt? Across hip bones? Under hip bones in the hip-dip area?
  • + Is the GuruLumbar Belt washable?